Reed Grass
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Reed Grass

This is a novel form of artificial plant decoration. Designers cleverly combine plants with round aluminum frames. More white space than a plant wall, more creative than potted plants.
Series:Artificial Grass in Pot
Material:100% fresh new PE(Plants)
Frames:Aluminum alloy
Warranty:Indoor 5 years

BANYAN – Top 3 Recommended Artificial Silk Trees

There are many varieties of artificial silk trees. We will launch these models because of their appearance and because the trees of these varieties have good meanings and are suitable for many occasions.

  • Artificial banyan tree: The banyan tree’s vitality is vigorous and evergreen throughout the year. Its tree shape is enormous, and its root system develops. Even this artificial tree that has been reduced can see its lush crown. People are accustomed to planting it in the courtyard, which implies a stable family. This artificial banyan tree can also be given to the elders, representing longevity and well-being.

  • Artificial dracaena: The meaning of the dracaena is to bless children and grandchildren and prolong life. Putting it in the living room or next to the stairs at home can protect the family’s health and is conducive to family harmony. Please put it in the corner of the company lobby or at the entrance, implying that business is booming.

  • Artificial sprinkling golden banyan: Compared with the previous two, the sprinkling golden banyan has no special meaning. Its densely growing branches and leaves, bright colors is a very famous ornamental tree species. It is a widespread potted plant in the north, used to decorate the desk, decorate the meeting place, and the hall.

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